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of reasons. i believe in doing procedures that are necessary to make sure that we don't have tyranny by the majority, as some say. but this has become just down right abusive and is based purely on let's stop this president. for example, republicans claim president obama was trying to pack the d.c. circuit court of appeals. but the facts don't back them up. only one obama nominee has been confirmed to four nominees for bush and eight nominees for reagan. so how would he be stacking the court when he's only had one nominee that was approved and he was putting in nominations for empty seats? the seats need to be filled, angela. >> they absolutely need to be filled, but, rev, on a larger scale we need to be celebrating that today a substantial advancement was made. we can now bask in rnr which is the reid rule. we still have a major fight ahead. >> re-rule. not rest and relaxation. don't send the wrong message. >> we know you don't rest, rev. but to that point we now have a fair fight. we are now more on a level playing field. we know the constitution calls for majority rules. that is h
manager? >> i don't think much. it wouldn't be open for very long. there wouldn't be too many people calling i wouldn't think, but i wouldn't know. i've never been open on a thanksgiving in the ten years i've worked for that company. >> all right, tony rohr, thanks for joining us. a lot of people admire your tenacity to stick up for your workers. i'm ed schultz. politics nation with al sharpton starts right now. happy thanksgiving to you. >>> and happy thanksgiving to you. tonight's lead, a reality check for the right wing turkey. on this day, this day before thanksgiving, president obama gave america a clear choice. between those who want to help the less fortunate and those who want to make their lives worse. but he began the day with the annual tradition, the pardon of the white house turco. this year the lucky ones were popcorn and caramel. >> the competition was stiff, but we can officially declare that popcorn is the winner. proving -- there you go. proving that even a turkey with a funny name can find a place in politics. and now, before these turcos get away, with the
is happening to your children as you're feeding these foods from overseas and they don't have to pass the same food standards. it's a kitchen table issue. >> there's no question about it. it is a kitchen table issue. >> i couldn't resist. >> thank you. politics nation with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >>> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. new numbers on how president obama's health care laws is helping real people across the country. the health and human service's department says the law has gotten more than half a million americans positioned to have health care. more than 100,000 have chosen plans from the federal and state health care exchanges. and nearly 400,000 have been deemed eligible for medicaid. that is the reality of the president's health care law. half a million people who didn't have insurance before are about to get covered. that's what really matters. the problem with the website are serious. but they will be fixed. the white house says other tweaks to the law will be made sooner rather than later. but all republicans want to do is t
republicans really don't like. by invoking this option, the president will be able to get things done. just look at this. right now there are eight judges on the powerful d.c. circuit court. four democrats, four republicans and three sets are open. with that split in power, the court has overturned the president's regulation on financial reform on recess appointments. most recently, a panel on the court struck down obama care's contraception mandate. but with yesterday's decision, this court will become 7-4 democratic. one of the biggest road blocks to the president's agenda will be gone. growing up in brooklyn, i learned one thing, you have to stand up to the neighborhood bully. president obama and the democrats have done just that. joining me now are melissa harris perry and susan milligan. thank you both for coming on the show. >> absolutely. >> thanks, reverend. >> melissa, let me start with you. >> yep. >> are republicans angry about this change because they've lost a tool to obstruct the president? >> i think that's right. i do think that members of the u.s. senate take very seriously
. but now i don't like chris christie. >> as for chris christie, i will do everything i can in my little way to make sure he's not the nominee. >> i hope that he poses a real challenge to hillary clinton in the democratic primary. >> they denounce, they denigrate the almost winner, the guy that will write the book on could have, would have, should have as the guy they embrace. >> i think they're very concerned about chris christie. he's been able to downplay his stance on some of the conservative issues. some of them know where he stands and he's frankly a little too moderate for them on many of these issues. what we saw with chris christie was a breath of fresh air, more business minded conservatives that saw christie actually able to win over some minorities. he won over over 50% of the latino vote. over 20% of the african-american vote. i think over 50% of the latino vote. i think it shows that he's a republican that can attract these folks. he has a broad message, one that would actually play very well in the general election. and i think this should give reason for democrats to be conce
. this is leadership. this is about barack obama and john kerry leading the way so we don't have to fight unnecessary wars. >> you know, joan, but this is essential obama. this is what he ran on. >> right. >> this is what he said he was going to do. this is what he promised that he would try diplomacy first. but in addition to calling this a distraction from obama care, i'm talking about those on the right, they blasted the agreement with absurd comparisons. they said this is worse than munich meaning it's worse than appeasing the nazis. one right wing pundit even congratulated iran on its acquisition of the bomb. >> and i'm supposed to be surprised here, rev. i'm not surprised. these are the people also -- can we just say, these are most of the people that brought the iraq war that they lied us into and cost thousands of americans lives. and they have the audacity to criticize this man's moves to talk. we are talking to be talking. sanctions will be relaxed, they can quickly be imposed if they don't continue inspections. but you've got a crisis for the neocons right now. there are two things they do
it is shrinking the deficit, but we're into a long-term decline if we don't make the critical investments. >> all right. and we're down to ten days on the legislative side to get it done. it doesn't seem good at this point. congressman, good to have you with us tonight. have a great thanksgiving. appreciate your time. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton begins right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. >>> tonight's lead, toward a more perfect union. the great fight of our time is the fight for fairness in this country. we see that on issue after issue. health care, of course, and voting rights. but no issue is more central to who we are as a people than the issue of income equality. over the last 30 years, the income for the top 1% has grown 275%, but the poorest in this country, they barely made any gains at all. nothing about that graphic is fair. nothing. and today pope francis made a powerful statement asking politicians around the world to turn their backs on policies that contribute to this great divide. he slammed the ido
, they will go into the job market and they will get them. don't tell me somebody is kicking back not trying to work so they can stay on these programs. it just doesn't make any sense. >> now, maria, today we learned about the economic data, let me put it that way, that the government shutdown really caused the government. it turns out it cost the federal government $2 billion in lost productivity. that's on top of the $24 billion in lost growth to the economy. so while they're talking about deficit and debt and who is trying to establish the country in the country, look at the damage the gop shutdown caused the country in productivity and in actual dollars. >> that's absolutely right. they want to basically drown government. and the way you drown government is to make sure it doesn't -- it's not working. unfortunately what jared pointed out is absolutely true. most people in food subsidies of any kind are usually there temporarily. very rarely do you have a population that is permanently on food stamps. they use it as a way to sum lemt their income until they're on their feet. the recreatio
for women after 2012. i don't know what they were looking at in terms of the results, governor. >> no, i absolutely agree with you. it's astonishing. it's just as astonishing when they say we need more in the african-american community and then they adopt policies or say things that are inept for african-american voters and latino voters. it's not the outreach. it's not the messenger. it's the things you say and what you believe in. they haven't learned one wit. and notwithstanding the fact there are obviously problems on the democratic side, they're headed towards, i think, a disaster in '14 and worse from their standpoint, a losing ticket in '16 because they haven't learned. and the interesting thing, rev, is that there are republican examples out there, not just chris christie. but the midwest governors, kasich and snyder. who do not actively go out and wage war against women. >> that's true. >> they stand a good chance of getting re-elected. >> you know, jess, what is an interesting fact is even in a state where republican governor chris christie is winning, new jersey voters still h
. sarah palin actually is the mainstream of the republican party. she really is. we don't want to think that. we want to give them more credit. and, you know, we bend over backwards pointing to people like chris christie who is severely conservative but isn't quite as nasty about it. but she's playing a game here that's becoming increasingly popular. first of all, to my white brothers and sisters, when you're tempted to preface something by saying this isn't racist, you should probably check yourself because it probably is. and she put on a clinic in white privilege, really. it is many things. one of those things is letting yourself stay ignorant enough to use slavery as a metaphor about something you don't like about government. as cynthia said, the debt does not let someone rape their slave. so the debt does not come and take her child out of her arms. so this is -- the white grievance industry where she does a fun thing in there. she's like go ahead and try. because being told that you shouldn't use slavery as a metaphor, that's discrimination. that's racist. my god. what are you tal
on me hurts. the only parts on me that don't hurts are the ones they've cut off. >> all right. >> i don't know what they're going to do. >> we will follow the story. ohio is a place "the ed show" has to go. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. >>> i'm live tonight in miami. tonight's lead, americans want a fair shake. republicans want a december break. today it's clear american voters of every stripe, want action on inequality. look at this poll. 91% of democrats support raising the minimum wage. 76% of independents support it. and here comes the big one. 58% of republicans support it. yes, a big majority of americans including republican voters want it. this comes a week after new jersey residents voted to raise minimum wage. in washington state, a $15 per hour minimum wage appears to be on the verge of passing. president obama wants it and so do senate democrats. they're all pushing for a minimum wage hike. so what are republicans in congress doing about this? nothing
're willing to hijack the economy and the country and grind to a halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. now -- >> the extremists are hijacking the entire party and one year later they haven't learned anything. joining me now are joan walsh and cynthia tucker. thanks for joining me. >> good to be here, reverend. >> joan, the president talked about hijacking the country. a year later, they did not learn anything. >> it's been a lost year for the republican party. and we're really feeling it as we sit and watch what's going on in virginia. they've nominated somebody who is just a total extremist. they're blocking action on immigration reform, so they're doing nothing to appeal to latinos. they've really -- cuccinelli continues to insist that this is a referendum on obama care and rollout problems aside and we know we've seen those, we know that women love obama care. so not just abortion, not just all this rhetoric and action if he got elected on abortion is problematic for women, but obama care as well. obama care has really helped women by making sure that women are no longer paying mor
? but they don't care about the people this law is already helping. half a million people who were uninsured have signed up for coverage. more than 6 million seniors have saved $7 billion on prescription drugs. and 71 million have gotten free preventive care. republicans aren't worried about taking away those benefits. but president obama's making it clear he won't walk away from the people who need health care. >> i think i said early on when i was running i'm not a perfect man and i will not be a perfect president. i will wake up every single day working as hard as i can on behalf of americans out there from every walk of life who are working hard meeting their responsibilities. but are struggling. because of the way the system works. as long as i've got the honor in this office, the harder i'm going to work to help folks. >> he won't quit on the american people. that's the message. joining me now chaka fattah and krystal ball. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us here. >> congressman, let me start with you. the president offering an honest assessment of the problems with the law whil
another republican let the cat out of the bag. it's not just they don't want president obama's health care law to succeed, they are actively rooting for failure. congresswoman michelle bachman smells opportunity. >> i think we have an opportunity of a lifetime right now, because just as jeff said, we are watching liberalism crumble in front of our eyes. what we have is the fantasy thinking of what obama care was going to be versus reality. >> now denying health care to millions who need it is the opportunity of a lifetime. how's that for a republican campaign ad? but the reality is the affordable care act is now starting to work across the country. yes, there are problems. but this isn't about liberalism crumbling. it's about a republican playbook of sabotage. their tactics, fear factor. >> the american people are very, very worried, you know. moms and dads are worried that they're going to lose their health care plan. >> right now, screams who are trying to break into the health care system, if you like my infoe, maybe you can steel it. >> you won't be able to keep your doc
this relatively tiny subset of people. we don't even know if a lot of these scare stories are actually people who can't get through -- don't know what they're eligible for, have been misled by insurance companies. there will be people that are unhappy. a few will pay more. there are a handful of them compared to those helps. >> you know the gop is using the rollout problems to attack the president for being dishonest. listen to this. >> there are only two explanatio explanations. either they're being honest or they're incompetent. frankly, i don't know which is the worst. >> it turns out that was a lie. and he repeated it over and over and over again. >> it should have been done but it wasn't. the real problem the president has is a broken promise. his dishonesty. >> now, these are the gop's messengers, congressman? i mean, dick cheney and paul ryan lecturing the president on honesty, really? >> and at the worst, the president misspoke and maybe made a mistake in speaking. but it was not to mislead. now, i think the other part of this that is extremely important is that i think in the absence of
don't look at it as a dollar amount i'm losing, i'm looking at it as two gallons of milk, couple loaves of bread. >> it helps a lot. like, tremendously. usually just about takes us through the month. >> we definitely need it. we definitely use it all. you know, we -- you know, we have to eat. we're not eating better. >> these are people from all walks of life. about 21 million children live in households that count on food stamps. 900,000 military veterans count on food stamps. that's a group republicans never tire of pretending they care about. >> can't we all come together in a bipartisan matter and say we support our veterans? >> they should be able to take action to support our veterans. >> protect and honor america's brave men and women in uniform. >> protect and honor the brave. republicans can start by not turning back their backs on veterans. and that's exactly what they're doing. where are they today? gone. instead of trying to fix the problem, house republicans who set the legislative calendar are taking a break. they'll be off all next week. while 47 million americans
? >> i don't have anything to say. >> after that 911 call, police found zimmerman in his girlfriend's house barricaded inside with furniture. and as this new chapter for zimmerman gets underway, another close today. while he was in jail, he was officially served divorce papers by his estranged wife shellie zimmerman. at this hour he's out of jail. joining me now, nbc news legal analyst lisa bloom, former prosecutor faith jenkins, and defense attorney ken padowitz. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> lisa, he's out on bail. but his guns are taken away and we have new allegations of choking. do you have any question now that he's dangerous? >> i have no question that he's dangerous. you know, either george zimmerman is constantly surrounded by people who are, quote, crazy -- his word. he said trayvon martin jumped out of the bushes at him. now he says this woman went crazy. he said two months ago that shellie zimmerman was the instigator and causing problems. everybody around zimmerman by coincidence happens to go crazy. or he's lying and provokes peopl
destruction that they still haven't found. it's like rand paul slamming someone for plagiarism. or like, i don't know, mitt romney slamming the health care law he helped write and calling the president dishonest. oh, wait a minute, that actually happened today. >> the real problem with the president's plan is not just the rollout. that's implementation, and glitches of various kinds. it should have been done better, but it wasn't. but the real problem that the president has is a broken promise. is dishonesty. >> you can't make this stuff up. but it's all part of the right-wing plan to do everything they can to make this obama care rollout president obama's hurricane katrina. why? because it was the event, along with the iraq fiasco, that doomed the bush presidency. today, a former bush official said, quote, the echoes to the fall of 2005 are really eerie. katrina matches to the rollout of the website. another said this -- >> there are moments in a presidency where everything is different afterward. and i believe this is that moment. for us it was hurricane katrina. >> they're comparing an amer
. women don't want this. they continue to reject this agenda. they will again in 2014. that's the only silver lining. >> in fact, they are rallying because the new numbers say that your group, the emily's list has been exploding with support in the last few years. >> it's true. all we do is support, we elect pro-choice democratic women. since then we've added a million members. so emily's list hit 3 million members today. you should all come and join us. we have amazing candidates to take these guys on in 2014. >> krystal, the top republican woman in texas slammed her party for the treatment of women today. take a listen. >> tell me that you give a flip about women's interests. if all you want to talk about is my biology, gee, what happened to my brain? i mean, that's my point. it's not all south of the waistline. >> wow. >> i mean, that's a big blow coming from a leading republican nationally and the leading republican woman in texas. >> kudos to her. i mean, that takes a lot of courage in a state that has really been, unfortunately, at the leading front of the war on women. you know,
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)